Countries and Seas Surrounding Israel

There are many countries surrounding Israel. Israel is a small country and has many other small bordering countries around it. All these countries are part of Arabian Peninsula and is notorious for war and geopolitical posturing. The students of international relations, defense studies and geography or policy makers must acquaint themselves with minute geographical details of that area.

Fig.1: Israel and Its Neighboring Countries

There are Five Neighboring Countries of Israel

  1. Egypt (Sinai Peninsula)
  2. Jordan
  3. Palestine (West Bank and Gaza)
  4. Syria
  5. Lebanon

Facts about the countries around dead sea

  • Israel came into being in 14th May, 1948 after Jewish returned and settled in areas they claimed as Jewish motherland.
  • Israel has territorial conflict with Palestine. Half of Palestine is on the West Bank of Dead Sea and has been names as West Bank.
  • Gaza Strip is on north-western boundary of Israel. It is bordered by Mediterranean Sea on North, Israel on south & east and Egypt on west.
  • Jordan lies on the East of West Bank and by Israel on all other sides.
  • On the North, Israel is surrounded by Mediterranean sea and Lebanon.
  • Jordan River acts as boundary between Israel and Palestine on one side and Jordan on the other side. It flows through Sea of Galilee to Dead Sea.
  • Syria also has coast with the Mediterranean sea.
  • Golan Heights is a part of Syria which was occupied by Israel during Six Day war of 1967.
  • Israel captured Sinai Peninsula in response to aggression by Israel but later returned the territory. Gulf of Aqaba borders Sinai Peninsula on the east and Gulf of Suez borders it on the west. The British constructed Suez Canal in 1869 which connects Gulf of Suez/Red Sea with Mediterranean sea.
  • Israel has coast with both Mediterranean and the Gulf of Aqaba.

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