Islands of India

There are two archipelagoes under the sovereignty of India i.e. Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep. Archipelagoes refers to a group of islands. These islands of India are located in the India ocean. These island are very important economically, environmentally and strategically. A student of geography should know about the process of formation of these islands … Read more

Mountain Ranges in India

India is a physiologically diverse country. There are five physiological divisions of India i.e. Indo-Gangetic Plains, Plateau, Mountain Ranges, Coastal Plains and Islands. The mountain ranges in India form the third largest physiological unit of India. These mountain ranges were formed during different periods of geological history in different places. Therefore, their altitude, rock structure, … Read more

Grasslands of the World

Grasslands are the large continuous regions having different types of grasses with either no trees or negligible presence of trees. These grasslands of the world are one of the largest biomes of the world. Steppe is the largest grassland in the world. Types of Grasslands There are two types of grasslands i.e. temperate grasslands and … Read more

What are Isopleths and Their Types

Isopleths are the lines which connect the areas with same values of a given parameter. For example, we use isopleths or isolines for mapping atmospheric pressure, temperature, rainfall etc. To clarify, please note that the units of measurement are different for different parameters. Some of the important isopleths are as following. Types of Isolines 1. … Read more

Tropic of Cancer Passes Through Which States of India?

Tropic of Cancer divides India in almost two halves i.e. North and South India. It passes through 8 states of India. The names of these states are as following from West to East. Gujarat Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh Jharkhand West Bengal Tripura Mizoram Important Facts About Tropic of Cancer It is at 23 1/2 degree … Read more

Definition, Nature and Scope of Geomorphology

What is Geomorphology? Geomorphology is a combination of three words i.e. geo (earth or land) + morphous (shape or form) + logus (study). Combined, this means that geomorphology is the study of different kinds of landforms on the surface of the earth. It also explains the origin of these landforms and rate of change in … Read more

What is Geography and why do we study it?

What will we learn in this article? In this article, the reader will start from learning a partial understanding of geography to a correct understanding of geography as a subject and discipline. People often ask , What is Geography? Why are people wrong about geography? To a layman, it is nothing more than memorizing the … Read more