Countries Surrounding Black Sea and Some Facts

There are many countries surrounding black sea. Control over water large water bodies, lakes, seas and oceans is one of the important means for maintaining geopolitical dominance. Therefore, geography students must know the countries surrounding these major water bodies.

Black Sea is Surrounded by Six Countries of Central Asia and Eastern Europe

Countries Surrounding Black Sea (Source: Maps Data ©2022 Google)
  1. Russia
  2. Ukraine
  3. Romania
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Turkey
  6. Georgia

Facts About Black Sea

  • It has salty water.
  • Black Seas is connected to Marmara Sea through Strait of Bosphorous.
  • Marmara Sea is connected to Aegian Sea through Strait of Dardanelles.
  • Aegian Sea is part of Mediterranean Sea.
  • Danube, Dnieper and Don are three largest rivers flowing into Black Sea.
  • Crimean Peninsula which was annexed by Russia from Ukraine is mostly surrounded by black sea.
  • Moldova does not have border with Black Sea. It only has access through Danube river.

Recently, Ukraine and Russia are involved in a large scale war for control over the Black Sea as it is an important water body to maintain dominance over West Asia and Eastern Europe.

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