Agroecological Zones of India

Agroecological zones are the most reasonable units of planning in India because about 60 percent of the population in India is still dependent on agricultural sector for employment. Any gains in agricultural sector will trickle down to large populace. In this article, we will understand the concept of agroecological zones in context of India. Definition … Read more

Major Gene Pool Centres by Nicolay Vavilov

Nicolay Vavilov introduced his ideas on the origin of different agricultural crops in the year 1951. He took a leaf from Darwin’s book and hypothesized that the most fit plants stay alive even after many bouts of succession. Some of these plants were useful for human consumption, therefore, they started growing them as crops. The … Read more

Difference Between Net Sown Area and Gross Cropped Area

Net Sown Area and Gross Cropped Area are two concepts which are used repeatedly to indicate the intensity of land use in agricultural sector. What is Net Sown Area? It is total area which is cultivated in an agricultural year. For instance, assume that the total land in a country is 100²Kms and 45²Kms. out … Read more

Whittlesey’s Agricultural Regions of The World

Whittlesey gave his classification of agriculture in 1936 based on many factors. For instance, factors controlling the yield, spatial stability, market orientation, specialization of agriculture etc. The relevance and basis of classification of Whittlesey’s Agricultural Regions has been discussed in a previous article. Whittlesey’s agricultural regions entails the social, cultural, biological and technological aspects of … Read more

Basis of Whittlesey Classification of Agricultural Regions

World has different climatic regions and different kinds of agriculture is practices in different climatic zones. However, human beings are intelligent beings. As a result, they are able to control the impact of environment on agriculture. They can also modify the agricultural environment through modern agricultural inputs. Therefore, Derwent Whittlesey classification of agricultural regions entails … Read more

Relevance and Criticism of Von Thunen Model

Criticism of Von Thunen Model is based on its unidimensional character which is based in a medieval European setting. In Europe, the cropping intensity declines away from North-Western Europe. Similarly, the land-use zones are elongated along the cross-continental railways. The cropping intensity declines as one moves away from these modes of rapid transport. Due to … Read more

Von Thunen Model of Land Use and Rent

Von Thunen Model of land use and rent was given by J.H. Von Thunen, a German. He observed and analyzed the receipts of rent and distribution of agricultural activities in and around his estate in Rostok, Maclenburg, Germany and came to propose his model to determine the land-use around a city. Basic Idea of Von … Read more