Countries Surrounding Caspian Sea and Some Facts

There are many countries surrounding Caspian Sea. Control over water large water bodies, lakes, seas and oceans is one of the important means for maintaining geopolitical dominance, Therefore, geography students must know the countries surrounding these major water bodies.

The Caspian Sea is surrounded by five countries of central and west Asia.

Caspian Sea (Source: Maps Data ©2022 Google)
  1. Russia
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Iran
  4. Turkmenistan
  5. Kazakhstan

Look at the map on the right side for visual understanding.

Facts about Caspian Sea

  • It is the largest lake in the world.
  • It is a saltwater lake.
  • It is landlocked.
  • Volga, Ural and Terek are major river flowing into Caspian Sea.

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