Classification of Towns in India: M.K. Jain, Census

India is a very large country with more than a billion population and 31.3 percent of this population lives in 3784 Census Towns and 4041 Statutory Towns as per Census of India (2011). Therefore, a classification of towns in India is complicated and a humongous exercise. Hence, devising a simple method to classify Indian towns … Read more

Functional Classification of Cities by Harris

Functional classification of cities by Harris is the a sophisticated classification of towns based on sound quantitative techniques. C.D. Harris published this classification in a research paper “A Functional Classification of Cities in United States” in 1943. Prior to Harris, other urban geographers and planners presented the classification of cities based on their experience and … Read more

Functional Classification of Towns by Nelson

The functional classification of towns by Nelson is based on experience of North American cities. He provided this classification of towns in his research paper “A Service Classification of American Cities” in 1955. He improved upon the Classification of Cities by C. D. Harris. However, Nelson’s method is more objective and has lesser individual bias … Read more