R.P. Mishra’s Growth Foci Model

R.P. Mishra gave his growth foci model in response to ideas of Perroux. Growth pole theory by Perroux was widely adopted by western scholars of his time. Boudeville tried to add spatial dimension to this theory but did not take into consideration that elaborate process of trickle down. R.P. Mishra, an Indian Geographer realized that … Read more

Boudeville Growth Pole Theory

Boudeville growth pole theory provides geographic sense to growth pole. Boudeville gave specific geographic and regional character to the growth pole. Perroux’s ideas in Perroux’s Growth Pole Theory does not specify the geographic extent of the growth pole. Boudeville tried to supplement Perroux’s idea by providing geographic dimension. He wrote his ideas in his book … Read more

Growth Pole Theory by Perroux

The growth pole theory was postulated by Francois Perroux in 1955. He considered growth pole as key driver of economic activities and development in a region. Basic idea behind his theory is that the growth in a large city propels the growth in the all the areas surrounding the large city due to exchange of … Read more