Social Well-Being and Quality of Life

In another article, we have discussed the concept of Social Well Being in Geography. We concluded that social well being is a very generic concept and its perception varies from person to person. Therefore, the social scientists have come up with a new concept i.e. Quality of Life (QOL). They argue that the the social … Read more

Social Well Being in Geography

Social well being in Geography came to prominence during 1970s as a result of relevance movement. During 1970s, the most deprived groups in society, such as blacks, Hispanics, poor, disabled, sexual minorities and religious minorities etc., started political movements against those laws which hampered them from leading a dignified life. In response to this political … Read more

Cultural Realms of World

Brock Webb argued that a particular phenomena dominates the cultural landscape. He considered religion to be the largest dominant cultural trait which defines the other cultural traits of a region. Above all, he argued that the cultural distinction is lost once the effect of the religion is withdrawn. Webb divided the world into four major … Read more

Introduction to Cultural Geography

Cultural geography is the study of impact of environment on cultural landscape and vice-versa. In simple words, the cultural geography studies the way environment and human culture shape each other across different regions of the world. Carl O Sauer is considered the Father of Cultural Geography. Culture in geography is not just the way of … Read more